Southern Heat Series


A quick trip to visit her hospitalized mother is lasting longer than Anna expected. About twelve weeks longer. It’s not that she isn’t used to taking care of her mom—Anna took over that job when her father died. But it’s a little stressful vying for partnership in her New York law firm from the nowhere town of Liberty, Alabama. Fortunately the neighbor, a hot Southern charmer, is willing to keep her occupied. 

Since Trey breached her defenses, he and Anna have been getting to know each other, in every way possible, all the while doing their level best to be discreet in this tiny, old-fashioned town. The woman he’s coming to know is a far cry from the uptight lawyer he first met. And he likes the new Anna. A lot. 

As her feelings for Trey deepen, Anna is torn between duty and desire. What she wants versus what she thinks she needs. Returning to New York, reverting to the formidable attorney her father molded, is the responsible thing to do. 

Too bad that’s not the woman Trey fell in love with…


Roslyn can’t get to the nowhere town of Liberty, Alabama, where her good friend Anna lives fast enough. She screwed up big time at her law firm in New York. Disappearing in the Deep South seems like the perfect solution to clear her head and figure out where to go from here. A hot roll in the hay with a smoldering fellow out-of-towner is a welcome distraction. How was she to know he was the local preacher’s son? Oops. 

Wren has one objective—land the contract that will put him on the map as a business broker. So what if he has to kiss ass and portray himself as the perfect preacher’s son to earn the trust of the business owner. He’s survived worst in his past. But the temptress who seduces him is exactly who he doesn’t need to be seen with if he wants to pull off this charade. Too bad he can’t resist her.


Abigail Dawson was always the perfect preacher’s daughter. Pure of heart, body and soul. Until Johnny Williams broke her heart into a million pieces and she retaliated in the most stupid way possible. A mistake she can never take back—or face. Her only saving grace is that no one ever found out. 

Johnny screwed up, big time, and lost the woman he loves in the process. Resigned to do anything to get her back, he puts himself front and center in her life. Not difficult to do in the tiny town of Liberty, Alabama. But just when he thinks he’s making headway, she pulls back. Way back. 

With time Abigail starts to forgive herself—and Johnny—and can see a future between them. But just as she’s about to open her heart to him again, her mistake comes back to haunt her. With no place to hide in this little slice of the South, Abigail must own up to her transgression. Or walk away from Johnny forever.

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Merilee Diego is desperate. With only days left to save her late father’s charter company, she must seek aid from the one man who can help her. A man her father treated like a son. A man whose raw sex appeal never fails to send her pulse racing. Too bad he seems to hate her. 

Lawson Manning isn’t pleased to discover his final charter before branching out on his own is none other than his mentor’s spoiled daughter. He’s nothing if not professional, and decides to grin and bear it until he can rid himself of her in the Bahamas. His plan is thwarted when storms create an unwelcome detour to the hurricane-ravaged island of Walker’s Cay. 

Isolated, with only their tempers and simmering attraction between them, the two do their best not to kill each other. It isn’t long before they discover a more creative, and hotter, outlet for their anger. But this detour creates a complication neither is prepared for.


Desperate to distance herself from her previous life, and her high-powered ex, Jo Montgomery moves to a tiny slice of Georgia, an impetuous decision if ever there was one. Though not nearly as impetuous as throwing herself into an intimate relationship with her new neighbor. Hawk Stephens, a horse breeder and local celebrity, is sex personified, a man built for dark deeds in dark places. But he wants far more from Jo. 

Every instinct tells Silent Hawk that Jo is The One, and despite her obvious uncertainty, his Apache beliefs give him faith. The signs are unmistakable. His skittish little filly requires a strong hand, patience…and passion that leaves no doubt to his feelings and intentions. 

But before their love affair has barely begun, the reemergence of Jo’s ex, coupled with a potentially tragic event, forces Jo to make decisions that not only damage Hawk’s beliefs, but could also shatter their tender romance beyond repair.


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